Encouraging news from NEH/ April Seminar

From Brett Bobley (CIO, NEH)

“This year, we have made one substantive addition to the guidelines for the NEH “DHIG” program: a special call that asks applicants to re-envision past work in innovative and ambitious ways. This change is designed to help ensure that needed resources can be modernized and sustained. For details go to:


Definitely a topic to discuss at our meeting in April.

Speaking of which: we need to finalize the list of speakers to invite. Recent suggestions include, in addition to scholars at institutions nearby, such as John Unsworth and Julia Flanders, also prominent names of scholars who could offer us a broad overview of the state of the art (more specifically, in connection to Dino’s post about topic modeling) such as for example J.S. Downie  (http://www.lis.illinois.edu/people/faculty/jdownie) among other things, Illinois Co-Director of the HathiTrust Research Center. His name has been suggested by Elli Mylonas: I hope you like the idea. I will be contacting him shortly and will let you know if he is available.

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