Planning the VHL/DH meeting @ Brown (17-18 April, 2015)

I met with Andy Ashton and Elli Mylonas, last week, and we began to jot down a plan for our April, 2015 meeting. It looks like the dates are definitely going to be April 17 and 18. We thought that this two-day symposium/workshop could be focused on three general themes, along the lines of another symposium held at Brown a couple of years ago. We thought that for each of these main themes we could have a “keynote” speaker and a series of two or three panelists responding to the keynote and/or presenting their work in progress, etc.

Here is a very tentative, preliminary outline of the themes and panels:


Friday, April 17, afternoon 2-5pm

1. Annotations (Ontologies and Tools). Proposed keynote: Jan Christoph Meister (University of Hamburg, DE)

Saturday, April 18, morning

2. Corpora and Collections (Repositories and Interoperability). Proposed keynote: Trevor Muñoz (Univ. Of Maryland)

Saturday, April 18, afternoon

3. Scholarly Networks (Scholarly Communication and Collaboration). Keynote: Ray Siemens (University of Victoria, BC, director of INKE), “Planning for Renaissance Knowledge Network” (followed by a final discussion)

It would be great to involve these scholars who work at nearby institutions:

Julia Flanders (Northeastern Un., Boston)
John Unsworth (Brandeis Un., Boston)
MIT Annotation Studio (Cambridge, Ma.): Kurt Fendt, Jim Paradis (others?)

And we could also possibly reach out to people from the Shared Canvas project: Robert Sanderson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Benjamin Albritton, Stanford University, as well as other European colleagues such as Fabio Ciotti (Roma, Tor Vergata), Riccardo Pozzo (CNR), Paul Caton (King’s College, London). Other scholars from the DH group @ Brown will be invited as well as other DH U.S. projects in Italian Studies (such as the Dartmouth Dante Lab, for example). Invitations to scholars outside the U.S. will obviously depend on available funding. But we will also have to wait and see who is available to join us on the proposed dates. The sooner we begin to contact potential invitees, the better. So please, let me know your thoughts about all this, at your earliest convenience!

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